The obligatory rules page.
Because sadly, they need to be here. Though you should already know these things ^^

1) This board is for strictly Fudoumine oekaki's ONLY.
The exception:
- Your artwork contains at least one Fudoumine student. If you want to draw BeKami, etc, go for it.

2) If your artwork contains nudity, please check the 'adult image' box.
The exceptions:
- Toplessness on the guys.
- Head/shoulder/upper chest views.

3) Be courteous to other artists. If you don't like something, don't comment on it. On the flipside, if you do, I encourage you to drop a comment.

4) Constructive criticism is welcome, however some artists are quite sensitive and can be easily put down by it. This rule more varies on the artist.

5) Flames will not be tolerated :D Or I will roast you on a spit, then ban you from the board. Hopefully this won't happen.

6) Explicit Boys Love (Yaoi)/ Het are welcome, so long as that 'adult image' box is checked ^^

7) You don't have to do some awesomely amazing pic to draw here, this is more for fun than anything. However, please try to only submit completed works or something you plan on working on in the near future. It reduces the clutter and saves me disk space and bandwidth ^^;

8) I think that's it.


Rules subject to change without notice. Please check back occassionally.

Questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to Nori at kamio @ (take out the spaces, yo.)

So long, farewell, have fun drawing!