Because every decent website needs a downloads page, or something. So here are various downloadables, but first, a handful of rules.

01) Do NOT direct link any of the files here. In doing so you are abusing my kindness for sharing and stealing my bandwidth. Don’t take things and ruin it for everyone when I remove the downloads.
02) With the exception of fan-made downloads (wallpapers, icons, winamp skins, etc), these files are SAMPLES and should be incentive to buy the book/cd/whatever, NOT to replace owning the real thing. Please delete all media files after 24 hours. If possible a link to where you can buy something is provided.
03) I don’t really care what you do with the mp3s as far as sharing, but please do not post any scans or other fan-made items on your website/livejournal/xanga/etc without permission. It makes people angry. K? K.

All clear? Good. Now choose a place to go.

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