Fudoumine fanart. There are three basic categories: General, Cross-School, and Mature.
The General category contains Fudoumine-only artwork rated up to PG-13 and may contain partial nudity and/or light romantic/sexual themes.
The Cross-School category contains Fudoumine students paired with rival schools and may contain partial nudity and/or light romantic/sexual themes.
The Mature category contains both In-School and Cross-School fanart rated R to NC-17 and contains explicit nudity and strong sexual themes. Please view at your own risk.

Extra categories are for site events such as contests, the archive of the oekaki board, etc. and may be merged with the other categories in the future.

Obviously there are basic rules of conduct for this section, and that basically means do not take anyone’s fanart and a) claim it as your own, b) post elsewhere or c) use for layouts or anything without the artist’s permission.

If at any time you decide you no longer want your works featured here, please contact me and I will remove it ASAP.

The Galleries

06-07 Winter Contest

Fanart | 06-07 Winter Contest

Entries from the '06-'07 Winter Contest
General Fanart

Fanart | General

General fanart, featuring one or more Fudoumine student. Some images may contain partial nudity and/or be romantic or lightly sexual in nature.
Cross-School Fanart

Fanart | Cross-School

Fanart featuring Fudoumine students with students from rival schools.
Mature Fanart

Fanart | Mature

Mature fanart featuring Fudoumine pairings, as well as Fudoumine with rival schools. WARNING: images in this gallery may contain graphic depictions of sexual acts and are rated R through NC-17. View at your own risk.
Old Oekaki

Fanart | Old Oekaki

Images rescued from Underdogs' old oekaki board before the upgrade.
Collaboration Fanart

Fanart | Collaborations

Fanart of both Fudoumine and rival school students created by multiple artists working collaboratively.