Semi-big update

Added lyrics to both of An’s songs from GO! GO! Girls!, Taisetsuna Mono & Miracle Colourful Carnival! (With Sakuno & Tomoka) & her Love of Prince -Sweet- song, Nayande! Waratte!. Check them out here, and don’t forget to thank Xenium for being kind enough to let me use her translation for Nayande! Waratte! ♥

Edit: Added 11 doujinshi to the downloads section. Thanks to Leth for donating some porn~

Please let me know if you notice any broken links or anything ♥

Edit x2: Since commenting on posts is disabled I’ve set up a guestbook which you can find on the sidebar. Obviously this can be used for feedback and suggestions and such :)


Underdogs has finally gotten its well-needed revamp! New layout, new stuff all around. The site now runs off of WordPress and eFiction and the handy dandy WP plugin Lazyest Gallery.

It’s been a while but we’re back in action and I’ve spent well over two weeks working on everything to get this site back up.

Due to a ton of spam issues with the old oekaki board, it has been removed and a new one installed hereabouts. If you were a member of the old board, you will need to rejoin. All of the old pictures have been stored in the Fanart section under the ‘oldoekaki‘ folder, with the artist’s name prefixed to the filename.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice there’s a few new sections (that are totally still being worked on). There’s a shiny new Lyrics page and new download sections that are just waiting to be filled up with contributions. :3

Now onto the breakdown.

Fiction: I am now using the eFiction script to handle the fanfiction side of things, which means you may register and post Fudoumine fiction any time you wish. However, all submissions are moderated and will be reviewed before they actually go on the site. You must be registered in order to post fiction or view NC-17 material.

All fics (save two as I am waiting to hear back from their authors) previously archived on this site have already been added to the archives and users have been created for the authors. If you are an author that had fiction posted here previously and want to add new fic or delete yourself entirely, simply go to the login form and retrieve your password using your email address. If you are unsure of what email address was used, read on. Authors this effects are Bunny(-momma) (listed in your LJ profile), Eda (your, & Ren(naroo) (your gmail account that Maribelle so kindly provided me with XP).

Fanart: Everything that was previously here is still here, + a handful of new(er) ones. Fanart submission still works the same way it did previously, check the ‘submit’ page for further information.

I think that’s it for now :D Until next time~