Finally, an update!

Not much of one, but it is one. First, the fic archive is back in action! My ftp account was compromised back in 2012 and a lot of files were infected, after which I decided it best to just take the whole thing down for well over a year rather than infect someone with some sort of nasty virus. That’s all fixed now, and all of your old passwords/usernames should still work (the database containing that information was not compromised).

Second! Underdogs has a new look (perhaps obviously). Watch me be lazy and simply edit colors and a few minor things here and there on a default WP theme. Go go lazy. You can still see the old layout by clicking some of the random links around.

Third! Both the lyrics and image gallery sections have gotten revamps. Fanart will be my next project (send me some!), followed by a revamp of the downloads section. I’m also planning on tossing up some scans from ShinTeni and Tenimyu soon, which leads me to . . .


I’m looking to provide Fudoumine scans from the musicals (photosets, pamphlets, cd scans, etc); however, I lack the physical means to do so–which is to say, I don’t own very much of the merchandise from that period of Tenimyu time. The only bits I’m able to provide are Ishida’s Dream Live 4th photoset, and scans from the DL2/DL4 soundtracks. If you own any of the Fudoumine photosets from that time and would be willing to scan for this site, I would greatly appreciate it! I’m looking for scans that are 300dpi OR no less than 1000px tall.