New art, doujinshi, livejournal feed and a poll!

As promised in the last update, Binetsu has been scanlated and is now available via the downloads section. I was too lazy to rescan the book so the quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s still pretty and readable. Big thanks to Athena for translating ♥

Added three new fanarts by Puccho in the Gen section (2 IbuKam & one Shinji). They’re adorable, go look. XD

Also was bored enough to make a Livejournal Feed for the site – if you’d like to see the sites updates on your livejournal friends list, just add fudo_underdogs to your friends list and you’re set to go 8D

And now for a poll: Should I add a cosplay gallery? I know I’m not the only person on the planet who cosplays Fudoumine and hey, costumes are fanwork too~

“I don’t mumble, I have a speech impediment.”
-Shinji, tenipuri_yaoirp