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New scans and some reorganizing

First, I’ve changed the way the Fanart and Gallery pages are laid out – now instead of just a list of links, you get thumbnails with a small description of the gallery and the pages are overall more user-friendly.

In addition, many of the existing galleries were merged under new categories: Anime Artwork, Game Artwork, and Manga Artwork. The Manga Artwork gallery contains scans ONLY from the original Prince of Tennis manga and its fanbooks/artbooks.

What this means: If you were linking to ANY of the original gallery categories (except for the Miscellaneous section), your links will no longer work and need to be updated to the new URL.

New Scans

[ + ] I’ve added 2 new categories to the galleries: Musical Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis. Musical Prince of Tennis currently contains scans of various photosets and OSTs, and New Prince of Tennis contains manga images only. It may later be changed to a top-level category containing anime artwork as well.
[ + ] [ + ] The Musical Prince of Tennis gallery now contains scans from the Dream Live 2nd OST, Dream Live 4th OST, and the Dream Live 4th Photosets.
[ + ] [ + ] The New Prince of Tennis gallery now contains scans from New Prince of Tennis Volume 01.

That’s it for now, and remember the 10th Anniversary Fanwork Contest opens in about 4 days, on March 15th! See you soon~

More updates

Some fairly large section revamps as well as some new content.

Section Revamps

[ + ] The Fanart section has been completely revamped and a new (somewhat temporary) “Collaborations” section has been added.
[ + ] The Links section has been cleaned out and updated.
[ + ] The Downloads section has been completely revamped.

  • [ + ] The Music downloads have been updated and had some minor filename changes.
  • [ + ] The Doujinshi section has been completely revamped – everything now has proper titles and whatever artist/circle information that was available. Some of the old doujinshi downloads that contained multiple stories were split into their own archives by artist/circle. Visitors now have the option to view ALL doujinshi, RAW doujinshi, or SCANLATED doujinshi.
  • [ + ] The Online Graphics section has been revamped and the icon section is now using a new script.
  • The Other Goodies and Desktop Graphics sections have been temporarily removed until I actually have something to put into them ;)

New Content

[ + ] Added romaji lyrics to Tachibana’s Love of Prince ~Sweet~ song, Shoubu no Yukue (formerly listed on the site as “Shoubu no Ikikata”). I’m not entirely certain why I didn’t add them when I did the rest of them >_>

[ + ] Added 24 new fanart by Nori in General (main + doodles), Cross-School, and 3 new Collaborations.

[ + ] Added 51 new LJ icons by Nori.

[ + ] Added 6 (5) new doujinshi, in both the raw and scanlated sections.

    Raw Doujinshi

  • Medaka no Gakkou (MG) – Off-Black {Atobe/Kamio}
  • Medaka no Gakkou (MG) – Yuzu no Kaori (Aroma of Citrus) {Ibu/Kamio}
  • Surf – Heart no Ace (Ace of Hearts) {Kirihara/An}
  • Waibura – Jisatsu no Riyuu (Reason for Suicide) {Ibu/Kamio; Kamio/An friendship}
    Scanlated Doujinshi

  • Dokurodan – Oreryuu Tachibana {Momoshiro, Atobe, Fudoumine}
  • Waibura – Jisatsu no Riyuu (Reason for Suicide) {Ibu/Kamio; Kamio/An friendship}

And that’s it for now! Expect more doujinshi, fanart, and gallery scans in the near future!

Massive updates!

It’s been a while. But first! Underdogs has a shiny, shiny new layout. Horrah! And now for the real updates, in almost-bulletpoint form :D


If you haven’t heard already, Tachibana & Kamio recently put out another CD entitled Prism, featuring a duet, two solos, and an instrumental version. If you can buy it, please do!


[+] The Fudoumine Fanlisting has moved away from its subdomain, and is now housed straight on Either click the fanlisting link to your right, or you can follow the link to the fanlisting. The fanlisting has also received 37 new image codes. To old members, there is now a option for you to list your favourite team member! You can add yours by going to the Update Info link. If you joined prior to the listing being converted to Enthusiast, please collect a password from the Lost Password page. YOU WILL NEED THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU SIGNED UP WITH. If this email address is no longer working, feel free to email me with your name and any information and I will change it for you :)

[+] Underdogs Fanfiction has moved to a subdomain with a fresh, new, not!broken install of Efiction. All user information and fics *should* have been transferred successfully, so you shouldn’t see any differences between the new one and the old one. If for some reason your account doesn’t work, let me know. And on that note, several new pieces of (my) fanfiction have been added to the archive, and all (of everyone’s) fanfiction that was on the old archive has been edited for any spelling or glaring grammar mistakes. :) Additionally, I have also created a Livejournal feed JUST for updates to the fiction archive, which can be found at underdogsfic or by clicking the Fiction LJ Feed link to your right.

[+] Two more fanarts by me have been added to the General folder. Quicklinks: Kamio & Kamio & An.

[+] The link script has been updated to use Linkationally instead of SimpleDir, for too much spam + SimpleDir being ridiculously unsafe = I finally got off my ass and did something about it.

[+] Remember what I said up there about Tachibana and Kamio having a new CD out? Well I’ve romanised the duet & Kamio’s solo; Tachibana’s will come soon. Quicklinks: PRISM (Duet) & ACE of ACES (Kamio).

[+] Since this update was weeks (or months, in some cases) in the making, it is not a COMPLETE update. I plan on completely revamping the downloads and gallery sections, so keep an eye out for those soon :)


[+] The Kamio Akira, Ibu Shinji, and Suzuki Chihiro (Kamio’s seiyuu) fanlistings have all received new layouts within the last couple of months, as well as some shiny media-type stuff.

[+] New fanlistings to the network: PERFECT GAME (Kamio image song) & CAN SEE THE LIGHT (Shinji image song).

…Long update is long! I’m off for now :)

Contest entries, popularity poll, FST project & downloads

First off, I want to thank the lovely ladies who entered the contest, and I’m sorry that there were not enough entries to actually have the contest. You’ve all been emailed for a consolation prize, if you haven’t received it, hit up kamio at fudomine dot org and I’ll make sure you get it again XD

And since the contest is over, all of the entries have been archived in the fanart section under the 2006-2006 contest archive. I encourage you to check them out, all four are very cute (IbuKam by Kiu, Kamio & An by Nova, An and some chibi Fudou-boys by Sindy, and a pile of Fudou-boys headed for Tachibana’s house by Vampy18)

Second, with the release of Genius 333 and the fourth popularity poll, here are where our boys rank!

22. Kamio Akira with 1178 votes. (he beat Yukimura 8D)
31. Ibu Shinji with 627 votes.
39. Tachibana Kippei with 459 votes.

Third! I’ve uploaded a 320 cbr .rar of Shinji’s START~Boku no Yukue~ single, complete with booklet scans. Look for more 320 stuff soon.

And fourth! I am hosting a Fudoumine FST (Fan Soundtrack) project on the fudo_courts livejournal community. If you’re interested in creating a fan soundtrack for a boy (or girl), a pairing, the whole school – please join us! All information can be found here. All FSTs will be hosted here on Underdogs when the project is complete. I encourage you to join the Fudoumine community, as well, it needs more love. ♥