New scans and some reorganizing

First, I’ve changed the way the Fanart and Gallery pages are laid out – now instead of just a list of links, you get thumbnails with a small description of the gallery and the pages are overall more user-friendly.

In addition, many of the existing galleries were merged under new categories: Anime Artwork, Game Artwork, and Manga Artwork. The Manga Artwork gallery contains scans ONLY from the original Prince of Tennis manga and its fanbooks/artbooks.

What this means: If you were linking to ANY of the original gallery categories (except for the Miscellaneous section), your links will no longer work and need to be updated to the new URL.

New Scans

[ + ] I’ve added 2 new categories to the galleries: Musical Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis. Musical Prince of Tennis currently contains scans of various photosets and OSTs, and New Prince of Tennis contains manga images only. It may later be changed to a top-level category containing anime artwork as well.
[ + ] [ + ] The Musical Prince of Tennis gallery now contains scans from the Dream Live 2nd OST, Dream Live 4th OST, and the Dream Live 4th Photosets.
[ + ] [ + ] The New Prince of Tennis gallery now contains scans from New Prince of Tennis Volume 01.

That’s it for now, and remember the 10th Anniversary Fanwork Contest opens in about 4 days, on March 15th! See you soon~