Site updates: new doujinshi, new links section, new merch & FST project

First: New merch XD Aren’t they the most ridiculously cute couple of wannabe-Italians ever? Ibu + Kamio in Italy: Travel Bromides

I will find this bromide somewhere >> From the Travel series, released March 8, 2007.

Second: There is a new doujinshi in the downloads section, Tacchi & Keigo, a wonderful bit of crack kindly provided by Leah. Thank you, darling ♥

Third: Fixed up the links section! They’re now categorized and I am using a new script so if you should so choose, you can add your own links :)

Fourth: There is a about two weeks left in the Fudoumine LJ comm FST Project! If you’re interested, please check it out and join in on the fun :)