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Lyrics, doujinshi & a contest

Kamio’s lyrics have been updated with his Love of Prince song, Get Rhythm, with a translation by the lovely Xenium (which I totally forgot to put up like two months ago 8D).

Four new doujinshi are up in the downloads section – two Ibu/Kamio, one Ishida/Kamio and one Kaidou/Kamio (that is more of a bunch of different 1 pager’s). The IbuKam stories are really cute art-wise (Kindergarten kissies, anyone~?)

And finally, beginning November 18th, Underdogs is hosting its first contest! It has a nice winter theme and some cool prizes (with more to come!) and ya’ll have plenty of time to enter something – the contest ends in January. Keeping in tune with the main goal of the site both fiction and fanart are welcome, yaoi, yuri and het. All is good. So check it out and maybe join~


2 new fanarts in General (1 Kamio by me, 1 Kamio/Ibu by Lethanon that actually used to be up here and I just forgot to reupload :D;) Several drabbles disquised as a multi-chaptered fic by me here, and finally added kanji/romanji lyrics to Shinji’s START ~Boku no Yukue~

Last month’s Cosplay Poll is still going, so if you’d like to see some cosplay galleries (or not!), please vote!

Lyrics update

Updated the lyrics sections with the lyrics to Shinji’s Kibou no Michi, which means one more song until it’s done~ (Unless I decide to add Wonderful Days & Meramera at some point.

Also once I get off my butt and finish it provided my computer doesn’t try to die between now and then, a scanlation of the Bekami doujinshi Binetsu (Low Fever) will be up soon. ♥

Semi-big update

Added lyrics to both of An’s songs from GO! GO! Girls!, Taisetsuna Mono & Miracle Colourful Carnival! (With Sakuno & Tomoka) & her Love of Prince -Sweet- song, Nayande! Waratte!. Check them out here, and don’t forget to thank Xenium for being kind enough to let me use her translation for Nayande! Waratte! ♥

Edit: Added 11 doujinshi to the downloads section. Thanks to Leth for donating some porn~

Please let me know if you notice any broken links or anything ♥

Edit x2: Since commenting on posts is disabled I’ve set up a guestbook which you can find on the sidebar. Obviously this can be used for feedback and suggestions and such :)