Contest | 2014 10 Year Anniversary

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Contest Rules

The following rules apply to both the fiction and fanart categories.

  1. You may submit one entry per category. You may submit one fic entry, and one art entry.
  2. Your entry must contain at least one Fudoumine student (including An-chan) as a main character or focal point. While original characters are allowed, they must be either minor characters or paired with a Fudoumine student.
  3. Your entry must somehow include one or more of the themes. Themes are entirely open to interpretation.
  4. Your entry must be entirely new and have not been posted elsewhere previously.
  5. Your entry must be entirely your own work. Collaborating/co-authoring is not allowed.
  6. You may only submit your own works. Do not submit other people’s work for them.
  7. In the interest of fairness and keeping this contest open to everyone, your works may not be rated higher than PG-13. Minor cursing and violence are okay, as well as some light kissing/touching so long as hands aren’t wandering too much.

Contest Requirements and Guidelines

Additional information for each category. Your entries may be of any character/pairing you wish so long as it is in line with the rules.


  1. Fanfiction must be at least 500 words, and be a complete, whole, standalone story. Oneshots are preferred; however, I will accept fiction up to three chapters in length.
  2. Please have someone edit/beta your fanfic for grammar, spelling, and flow.


  1. Fanart must be at least 500 pixels in height or width. Fanart over 800 pixels in height or width will be resized before being placed on the site.
  2. Fanart must be whole and complete, preferably in color. However, detailed black and white or monochrome images are more than welcome. We are looking for polished works; not simple lineart or sketches.
  3. Fanart may be created in any medium you wish, so long as it is easily transferable over the internet (in other words, should you choose to do an acrylic painting, you should probably have a good camera and good lighting to take a picture of it).

Please see the next page for information about judging/voting, prizes, and prize donations.