Contest updates + Miscellany.

Added another fanart to the contest page. CONTEST ENDS IN 24 HOURS. If you’ve been wanting to submit something, get it in soon!

And for the miscellany, I know 99% of you know FET (Fruity Explosive Translation, aka the lovely people who bring you scanlated manga). Anyway, I’ve been hosting the site on one of my other domains for the past couple years, however I am letting the domain expire and thus, FET has a new home on this domain. They can be found at The forums that closed late last year have also been reopened at, so go check it out. ♥

Miscellany part two: The Ibu/Kamio fanlisting and Atobe/Kamio fanlisting have both gotten shiny new layouts, so check em out and join if you’re a fan. ♥ Hopefully other Fudoumine fls hosted here will also get new layouts soon. :)