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Fanlistings updates + fiction downtime

Brought to you by not enough caffeine and bulleted lists!

  • The Kamio Akira fanlisting has been crosslisted under TheFanlistings.Org’s Stage/Theater Characters category; and to celebrate, there are some new codes featuring Matsui Yasuyuki (first cast) and Fujiwara Yuuki (second cast) as well as a new layout (not featuring either of the above mentioned men.)
  • The fiction section will be down temporarily so I can: Upgrade the script and possibly put up a new layout

That is all 8D

Contest + Fic

The contest is over! Sadly there were not enough entries to have a real contest, however all of the participants will get something for participating. ♥ You four will be emailed soon with details. I will probably also be holding another contest this summer or later on this spring :) Contest submissions will be added to the main site at a later date, for now please go check out everyone’s hard work over at the contest page ^^

Fic -> I’ve added an untitled Ibu/Kamio ficlet to my ‘drabble’ series, which can be found here. And speaking of fic, I know there are people still writing Fudoumine. Why aren’t you posting. XD


2 new fanarts in General (1 Kamio by me, 1 Kamio/Ibu by Lethanon that actually used to be up here and I just forgot to reupload :D;) Several drabbles disquised as a multi-chaptered fic by me here, and finally added kanji/romanji lyrics to Shinji’s START ~Boku no Yukue~

Last month’s Cosplay Poll is still going, so if you’d like to see some cosplay galleries (or not!), please vote!