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Site updates: new doujinshi, new links section, new merch & FST project

First: New merch XD Aren’t they the most ridiculously cute couple of wannabe-Italians ever? Ibu + Kamio in Italy: Travel Bromides

I will find this bromide somewhere >> From the Travel series, released March 8, 2007.

Second: There is a new doujinshi in the downloads section, Tacchi & Keigo, a wonderful bit of crack kindly provided by Leah. Thank you, darling ♥

Third: Fixed up the links section! They’re now categorized and I am using a new script so if you should so choose, you can add your own links :)

Fourth: There is a about two weeks left in the Fudoumine LJ comm FST Project! If you’re interested, please check it out and join in on the fun :)

Contest entries, popularity poll, FST project & downloads

First off, I want to thank the lovely ladies who entered the contest, and I’m sorry that there were not enough entries to actually have the contest. You’ve all been emailed for a consolation prize, if you haven’t received it, hit up kamio at fudomine dot org and I’ll make sure you get it again XD

And since the contest is over, all of the entries have been archived in the fanart section under the 2006-2006 contest archive. I encourage you to check them out, all four are very cute (IbuKam by Kiu, Kamio & An by Nova, An and some chibi Fudou-boys by Sindy, and a pile of Fudou-boys headed for Tachibana’s house by Vampy18)

Second, with the release of Genius 333 and the fourth popularity poll, here are where our boys rank!

22. Kamio Akira with 1178 votes. (he beat Yukimura 8D)
31. Ibu Shinji with 627 votes.
39. Tachibana Kippei with 459 votes.

Third! I’ve uploaded a 320 cbr .rar of Shinji’s START~Boku no Yukue~ single, complete with booklet scans. Look for more 320 stuff soon.

And fourth! I am hosting a Fudoumine FST (Fan Soundtrack) project on the fudo_courts livejournal community. If you’re interested in creating a fan soundtrack for a boy (or girl), a pairing, the whole school – please join us! All information can be found here. All FSTs will be hosted here on Underdogs when the project is complete. I encourage you to join the Fudoumine community, as well, it needs more love. ♥

EVE album & lyrics & fixes

Alright~~ You can now find a 320kb cbr version of Shinji’s new Christmas mini-album EVE (Booklet scans included) in the downloads section, as well as kanji/romanji lyrics for the first track, Seinaru Yoake courtesy of Leah in Shinji’s lyrics section.

Also fixed the download links to Tachibana & An’s LoP songs, Tachibana’s was linked to a non-existent link and An’s was linked to Tachibana’s. Whoops. XD;

As I said in the previous post, I’ll slowly be replacing most of the mp3s with 320 rips of my own cds over the next few weeks, so if something’s broken, that’s why.

Lyrics, doujinshi & a contest

Kamio’s lyrics have been updated with his Love of Prince song, Get Rhythm, with a translation by the lovely Xenium (which I totally forgot to put up like two months ago 8D).

Four new doujinshi are up in the downloads section – two Ibu/Kamio, one Ishida/Kamio and one Kaidou/Kamio (that is more of a bunch of different 1 pager’s). The IbuKam stories are really cute art-wise (Kindergarten kissies, anyone~?)

And finally, beginning November 18th, Underdogs is hosting its first contest! It has a nice winter theme and some cool prizes (with more to come!) and ya’ll have plenty of time to enter something – the contest ends in January. Keeping in tune with the main goal of the site both fiction and fanart are welcome, yaoi, yuri and het. All is good. So check it out and maybe join~